dr Zuzanna Brunarska

Who am I?

I am a social scientist, an Assistant Professor at the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw. I am trained in both qualitative and quantitative methods (holding a BA in maths). My regional focus is on the post-socialist area, Russia in particular.

What are my academic interests?

My research interests include determinants of attitudes towards migration and migrants, inter-ethnic relations and migration in Russia, migration intentions and decisions, contextual effects of migration, diversity effects, state-society relations and methodology of social sciences.

What do I teach?

In the upcoming academic year 2022/2023, I will teach Academic and Journalistic Writing (together with Dominika Pszczółkowska), being responsible for the academic writing-focused part of our classes. Our workshop will provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to produce high-quality texts for a variety of audiences.


With its interdisciplinary approach, ISSC provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills supporting their development and allowing them to find jobs in a variety of contexts. They are expected to develop critical thinking skills, get solid base in methods and are offered an opportunity to get hands-on experience in conducting research.