dr hab. Paweł Kaczmarczyk

Who am I?

Economist by training, migration researcher by choice. 
I am a professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Warsaw and head of the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw. I am also leading the Centre of Excellence in Social Sciences as a part of the Excellence Initiative Research Univesity (IDUB).

What are my academic interests?

My main research interests are mobility and migration, labour economics, international economics and methodology of social sciences. In recent years I focus mostly on various kind of research on migration looking particularly at labour migrants (seasonal workers, highly skilled, medical professionals) but also migration policies and methodologies of migration research. 

What do I teach?

My current teaching focuses on migration related issues (International Labour Migration, BA and MA seminars, various courses given at summer schools), on demography and labour economics


ISSC is an excellent choice for those wishing to participate in key scientific debates in contemporary social sciences (climate change, inequality, migration and related challenges, digital revolution) and, at the same time, gain solid methodological background needed for a career in academia, public institutions, the media world but also in the private sector.