dr hab. Michał Moch

Who am I?

Michał Moch, ORCID: 0000-0001-6877-0624, is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Islamic Civilization at the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences. Member of the Committee of Oriental Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (in years 2020-2023). An Arabist specialised in cultural and literary studies. He is the author of three monographs on Arabic literature and culture, co-author of the first Polish critical edition of Nasr Abu Zayd’s texts, and author of more than 40 other scholarly publications. He has been principal investigator in two state-funded projects on Arabic culture. Leader of the international research project “Cairo Music Scene(s) Since 2011: Between Political Activism and Cultural Change” (2021–2024). Main research interests: contemporary Arab liberal thought (e.g. the works and ideas of Nasr Abu Zayd); popular and alternative music in the Arab world with references to the new ethnomusicological approaches; minority and heterodox religious groups in the Arab countries; contemporary Arabic literature and texts of culture.

Last Publications: On the Borderland of Judaism, Islam and Christianity: Unorthodox Religious Experience in Olga Tokarczuk’s “The Books of Jacob” and Milorad Pavić’s “Dictionary of the Khazars”, in: Olga Tokarczuk. Comparative Perspectives, London 2023, 30–48; Critique of Nasḫ in Contemporary Qur’anic Hermeneutics on the Example of Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd’s, Religions 13(2):187, February 2022; Krytyka religii i kultury arabskiej w “Chorobie islamu” Abdelwahaba Meddeba, Przegląd Religioznawczy/The Religious Studies Review 1/279, Poznań 2021, 51-61; Between Sweden and Tunisia. (Auto)biography and Multicultural Experience in Jonas Hassen Khemiri’s “Montecore. The Silence of the Tiger”, Rocznik Orientalistyczny/Yearbook of Oriental Studies 74 (2), Warszawa (Warsaw) 2020, 23-37; Rethinking the Arab-Islamic Tradition. On the New Translation of Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd’s  “Critique of Religious Discourse” (Naqd al-Ḫiṭāb ad-Dīnī), Rocznik Orientalistyczny/Yearbook of Oriental Studies” 73 (1), Warszawa (Warsaw) 2020, 52–58; Language, Migration and Globalization: French Hip-Hop Versus Arabic Diaspora Hip-Hop, in: Moving Texts, Migrating People and Minority Languages, Singapore 2017, 41-55;

What do I teach?

Borderlands: Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Mediterranean Region, and the Arab world” with Prof. dr hab. Jolanta Sujecka and Maciej Falski PhD (Institute of West and South Slavonic Studies, University of Warsaw)