dr Marta Jaroszewicz

Who am I?

I am Assistant Professor at the Centre of Migration Research since October 2019. I am a principal investigator of two National Science Centre-funded research projects: on securitisation (de-securitisation) of migration and on governing COVID-19 related emergencies in Lithuania and Poland. In the past, I was also security analyst, project manager and policy officer in think-tank and international organisations. 

What are my academic interests?

I am particularly interested in links between migration and security, critical security studies, security sector reform, migration policies in the EU’s eastern neighbourhood and at the Eurasian area.

What do I teach?

My intention is that by attending a course: ‘Violent Conflict, War and Migration’, students fully comprehend how complicated and unobvious links between security and migration might be, how they are often manipulated by the politicians and media and what different research perspectives can tell about the actual linkage. 


There are no easy solutions to everyday social, economic and security problems. Also, in social science, we must start thinking out of the box, presenting multidisciplinary perspective and asking more and more critical questions. I’m sure that ISSC programme is great opportunity for students to experience this.