dr Maciej Falski

Who am I?

I work as an assistant professor at the Institute of Western and Southern Slavic Studies, University of Warsaw. I am the head of the Post-Yugoslav Area Research Center (PROP), an interdisciplinary research team. In addition, I am a deputy editor of the yearbook Colloquia Humanistica, a journal devoted to the culture of mainly the Mediterranean, Balkan and Central-Eastern European areas.

What are my academic interests?

I mainly deal with the issue of cultural heritage and urban space from a perspective of cultural studies and semiotics. I conduct research mainly on Croatian and Bosnian areas. I am also interested in the social history of the area, primarily the formation of urban communities in the peripheral territories of the Habsburg monarchy, in cities such as Osijek and Trieste.

What do I teach?

Borderlands: Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Mediterranean Region, and the Arab world” with Prof. dr hab. Jolanta Sujecka and Michał Moch PhD Habilit. Prof. of IKŚiO PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences)

I teach classes mainly on the history of the Balkans (in general) and Slavic countries (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia). I have also courses on Croatian culture and current social and political problems, as well as optional courses on selected issues of semiotic research. For years, I have been conducting scientific projects, related to PROP’s activities, aimed at introducing students to scientific research.

My links:

You can take a look at my scientific activities, and bibliographic references, here: http://slawistyka.uw.edu.pl/pl/instytut/jednostki-i-pracownicy/zaklad-literatur-i-kultur-slowianskich/maciej-falski/

Here’s a link to the website of PROP: http://prop.uw.edu.pl/