dr Kamila Kowalska

Who am I?

Lawyer, PhD in Political Science and Administration, affiliate at Centre of Migration Research (University of Warsaw), with 12 years of working experience at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome as well as background of volunteer field work with refugees. Since 2003 living and working in Italy.

What are my academic interests?

Labor migration, female migration, highly skilled migrants, intraEU migration, immigration in Italy, qualitative research.

What do I teach?

Teaching experience in the scope of the presence of Poles in Italy with particular attention to their employment status on the Italian labor market. Lecturer in sociology of work at the University “Sapienza” in Rome. Guest lecturer in immigration issues at a range of Italian universities.


ISSC offers a chance to learn how to face today’s world challenges in an interdisciplinary manner, focussing on problem solving. It provides multidisciplinary knowledge and a broad range of competencies. Students are encouraged to approach the studied problems in practice, participate in group work as well as perform individual tasks.