Globalization as Risk and Opportunity

The main topic of the seminar will be social and economic change. The topic, broad in itself, will be addressed in an interdisciplinary manner from a variety of perspectives, ranging from historical, sociological and anthropological, to economic ones. We will track down the roots of globalization processes and ask about the impact of changes on governments, societies, economies, environments and climate.

In particular, we will discuss such issues as theories of development (in an economic and social meaning), applications of particular development programs, historical breakthroughs and crises, as well as case studies of particular social transformations. The seminar will take an interactive character: it will combine discussions on the proposed readings and materials, with lecturing done by lecturers and student presentations. What are the mechanisms of social change? Is there one globalization or are there many of them? What are the risks and opportunities generated by the globalization processes? Such questions will accompany us during the seminar.