dr Aleksandra Winiarska

Who am I?

I am a sociologist and interculturalist. I work as assistant professor at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences. I’m an associated researcher at the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw. I cooperate with public institutions and NGO’s in projects related to building positive attitudes and relations, integration and anti-discrimination. 

What are my academic interests?

I’m interested in intercultural understanding, social contacts and interpersonal relations in diverse contexts. My research concerns i.a. local ties in urban settings. I’m currently coordinating a project aimed at exploring barriers to equal access of migrants to local public services. I’m also a mediator interested in the dynamics of conflict resolution. 

What do I teach?

I teach communication, conflict resolution, mediation and issues related to public and social  participation, specifically in urban settings, at ISNS, OBM and Urban Studies UW. 

I cooperate as a teacher with the faculties of psychology, law and oriental studies and Erasmus projects at the University of Warsaw.


ISSC offers a unique combination of academic theory and social applicability. It creates conditions to develop both analytical and practical social and cultural skills, in a range of interdisciplinary courses.