dr hab., prof. ucz. Agata Górny

Who am I?

I am an associate professor, the head of the Population Economics and Demography Chair at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and a deputy director at the Centre of Migration Research. 

What are my academic interests?

I am economist and sociologist by training working in the field of demography, particularly migration studies. My interests include research methods, migration and economic integration patterns, intersections between family and migration, and immigration from ex-USSR. 

What do I teach?

I teach methods in social research, demography, migration theories and trends. I am supervising BA, MA and PhD dissertations on topics of migration, family formation and transformation, ageing, health and labour market. 


My interdisciplinary background allows for discussing a social change from different perspectives. Moreover, my expertise in the field of international migration allows for linking social processes to global changes affecting societies and individuals.